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Ice Removed easily after storm

I had my wife tape this because I couldn't believe how well I was able to remove a half-inch of ice. This is truly a wonder product. The ice didn't stick! I watched the storm as it was happening and thought once the rain came I figured the product had washed away. This was the next morning and the result! Thank you for such a great product.

The Garcia's

Really appreciate the great customer service support.
The product does a good job when it's being applied and we're very happy with the results.
Al Chaney
Using Liquid Snow Shovel since 2007
Here are my thoughts on Liquid Snow Shovel. Allimow Lawnscapes has been using Liquid Snow Shovel since 2007. We were so pleased with the product that we sold our truck mounted rock salt spreader the next year. There are several features of Liquid Snow Shovel that we appreciate. It is effective to 20 degrees below zero while rock salt loses effectiveness at 20 degrees above zero, We can carry more square foot coverage in our trucks than we can with rock salt. We fill our trucks from totes at our facility and don’t have to own a loader as is needed to load rock salt. It is less toxic to the lawn and safer per the MSDS. Our customers love how LSS prevents the snow/ice from bonding to the pavement, eliminating icy, slick spots. They also appreciate how quickly their parking lots dry out when the sun shines. Our customers with steep driveways can’t be without it. The ease of application and coverage of LSS allow us to offer a lower price than rock salt.
Ron Tyczynski
Our experience with LSS.
We began using LSS last winter. There are three reasons we are continuing to use LSS again this winter. The first benefit we saw was the savings in keeping the floors and walk off carpets clean. The salt residue and tracking of the salt film into the buildings has been eliminated and less mopping and vacuuming of the carpets is needed. The second benefit we saw was during light snowfall of under two inches the LSS kept the walkways clear and there was no ice buildup on the sidewalks. Snowfalls that required shoveling also cleaned up much easier when using LSS because the packed snow did not stick to the sidewalks and once the snow was removed the sidewalk was clear and ice free. In colder weather the LSS was also more effective than rock salt in preventing ice from forming on the sidewalks. In some problem areas where water from the roof would fall on sidewalks LSS was much more effective than salt in preventing ice from building up. Applying LSS every three days to a week, depending on weather conditions, was also less time consuming than applying salt several times a day in cold weather.
Plattsburg, NY
My second year.
I used this product last year and just love it. I sprayed my driveway with this product just before a storm. After the storm the snow was so easy to remove. Liquid shovel is a product that seems to melt the snow between the driveway and the ice/snow to make removal easy. My large driveway was so clean all last year. Small storms only made my driveway slushy and just had to be pushed aside or it just melted. All my icy areas in my driveway were kept ice free with this product. The chores of winter are made a lot easier with this product and no sand or salt being tracked into the house.PROS• Does Not Hurt Grass• Easier Ice Removal• Easy to apply• No White Powder Dust• SAFE for pets
Comments from BJs Wholesale Club Liquid Re: Snow Shovel 5-Gal Refill..
This Product works so well.
• Easy to spray
• It workeNo white residue
• Snow ice removed easily

BEST USES – Keep driveway clear & Problem icy areas I wasn’t sure how this product would work, and was so surprised at how well it does work. My driveway is so cleaned of snow and ice after normal plowing and shoveling, my driveway is 120 feet long, 3 cars wide. Problem areas on my driveway keep piling up ice and this product stopped it. The snow and ice where I sprayed was very easy to remove. I don’t know how often I will need to apply liquid shovel to my driveway, but it is so much better, easier and cleaner than sand and salt. I ordered 2 containers of 2.5 gallons eack. Next time I will order a larger container.BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments about BJs Wholesale Club Liquid Snow Shovel 2.5- Gallon Refill...
This is a good item for snow removal
“This is a good item for snow removal. The only down fall with it is that it takes alot to do the removal of ice on a long road. What I suggest is to put down some salt and add the spray with salt and that works good.”
North Carolina Mountains
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